Readi Centre

The beginning.The vision

Loveuntil R.E.A.D.I Centre opened its doors on April 2009, and has accommodated to date 31 residents. It was officially dedicated on 18th September 2009. The Friends Forever arm of Loveuntil intends to use the R.E.A.D.I Centre as an administrative headquarters for the ever expanding chapters as well as the model for training, counseling and personality development.

It will also provide special training for 50 volunteer workers annually, particularly in the area of FIT (Family Intervention Therapy).

The Matura READI Centre

The Matura READI Centre is a project of the Friends Forever chapter of Loveuntil Foundation. The Foundation is alarmed by the 90% relapse rate of drug addicts in Trinidad and Tobago.and attributes the high 90% relapse rate of drug addicts to the following factors

The Matura READI Centre is now open year round. There is a maximum intake of 12 male residents and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For more details please contact the Centre directly at 668-0660 or call Loveuntil Foundation.

The philospophy

The term discovery is hinged on the profound theory that chemical dependency produces the "lost-syndrome." Consequently, the addict must re-discover his talents, his emotions, his confidence, his self-motivation. Those who are drug free also require the process of self-discovery to preserve the drug-free life-style. The philosophy must be "you are only really happy when you are drug-free." Self-worth must be the foundation for the developing of effective coping mechanisms. These would facilitate the on-going development of the personality. At the end of this programme, the individual would not only become employable or re-employable, but should also be self-employable.

readi center