Friends Forever

Friends Forever is the anti-drug arm of The Loveuntil Foundation-and conducts a multi-faceted programme. Friends Forever is dedicated to the task of fighting all forms of chemical dependency - legal as well as illegal drugs.

Loveuntil Foundation’s Role in the Fight

The drug problem has proven that the world is in dire need of people who are loving and caring. The drug problem has exposed a tremendous and immediate need for genuine friends--friends who possess a great degree of patience in good times as well as bad times; friends who will stay on board when the going, is rough or smooth.

According to Fletcher, Chemical Dependency Frustrates Three (3) Human Desires: 


The goals of Friends Forever are as follows: 

Over the past 26 years, Friends Forever has worked with hundreds of addicts and families of addicts and has conducted countless prevention programmes. Its relapse rate of 55% is far lower than the national average.